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Jeung San Do Sangsaeng Research Institute 

(English | Korean)

The Jeung San Do Sangsaeng Research Institute ( is the sole humanities research institute in the Republic of Korea that informs its translation projects with expertise in Korean culture, history, and religion. To carry out this work, our institute is looking to hire talented Korean translators and native speakers of the following languages:

English/ Spanish/ German/ Russian/ Arabic/ Portuguese/ Vietnamese/ Malay-Indonesian/ Italian/ Greek/ Hindi/ Hebrew/ Turkish/ Persian/ Chinese/ Japanese Translator & Editor Positions Available (Daejeon, South Korea)

The Jeung San Do Sangsaeng Research Institute is the only humanities-based research institute in Korea that acquaints the entire world with Korean history, religion, and spiritual culture. After intensive research on the Dojeon, the scripture of Jeung San Do, and the Hwandan Gogi, a history text detailing the archetypal culture of Koreans and the rest of humanity,our institute now works to translate these two texts into the many languages of the globe. Humanity is currently on the precipice of a new era of sangsaeng (“mutual life-bettering”) unlike anything ever experienced before.The Dojeon is the source text for building a new culture, and through exhaustive research of this scripture,the Jeung San Do Sangsaeng Research Institute works to establish the theoretical and practical basis for building the new civilization of mutual life-bettering. With our dedicated translation of the Dojeon, we aim to convey to all of Earth’speople the teachings of a new world in which humanity will live in harmony through sangsaeng.

The Jeung San Do Sangsaeng Research Institute is seeking translators from Korean into English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic,Hindi, Italian, Vietnamese, Malay-Indonesian, Greek, Portuguese, Mongolian, Japanese. The Institute also seeks writer/editors for English and German publications. Jeung San Do is a spiritual movement founded in Korea. The Research Institute, located in Daejeon South Korea,academically studies Jeung San Do teachings and translates them into foreign languages.

The position of translator entails the translation of lectures, books, articles, promotional materials, and various compositions from Korean to other languages.

The position of writer/editor entails the revision of translated works, producing original composition, creating promotional material,proofreading, and any other tasks related to publication of English and German materials.



Native speakers of the corresponding language with an advanced degree in literature, religion, or philosophy preferred.

Excellent understanding of written and spoken Korean required.

Good comprehension of Eastern philosophy texts inKorean required. Willingness and ability to work and live within a foreign culture.


Native speakers of English and German with advanced degree in liberal arts (area of philosophy, religion, or literature) preferred.

Extensive professional experience with editing/writing, referencing style manuals required.

Willingness and ability to work and live within a foreign culture.



- One year (renewable)



- 9am - 6pm (Monday - Friday)



- Rent-free accommodations (single furnished studio)

- round-trip airfare

- paid leave



- Send cover letter, resume, and writing samples via e-mail. Candidates may be asked to submit other documents. For more information about Jeung San Do, visit us on the web at

- Jeung San Do Sangsaeng Cultural Research Institute
70, Jungang-ro 79 beon-gil, Jung-gu, Daejeon, 
34862, South Korea

- TEL : 82-070-8644-3102